About Us

Vision Telecom is a global IT & Telecommunication Services provider and System Integrator with extensive experience in designing and delivering terrestrial network solutions around the world. We are fastest growing telecom company also focusing on metropolitan cities of Pakistan. Team VT comprises of IT and Telecom Professionals geared up to deliver top notch services through our state of the art IP Core Network.

Vision Telecom is ready to set new trends in telecom market as per customers’ expectations using our smart solutions designed in a way to cater all necessary communication needs. While designing our network, we have ensured flexibility to cater customization in our solutions that can best suit our customers. We are committed to prove ourselves with the quality of service. Despite of unmatched service support and solutions, we are selling at the most competitive pricing. Along with all these features, we are not compromising on business ethics at any level.

By providing innovative applications and high value-added services, we create new opportunities for mobile and fixed line telecom operators, internet service providers, vendors and partners to boost performance, reduce costs and retain customers.

Vision Telecom is a licensed Services provider with seamless Managed connectivity solutions for Carriers and Corporate segments of the market. Vision Telecom has partnerships with Long haul and Metro Optical Fiber Cable network service providers for intra-country connectivity and sub-sea marine fiber cable operators for integrating International End-to End links.

Founded in 2004, we seek to be the best of breed telecom and IT solutions provider in voice and data domains by leveraging on our human capital and embracing technological innovations to offer our customers unprecedented choice and value.



About Us - Vision Telecom